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Here in eastern Ontario, I have found that "with all else being equal" i.e. weather, pressure tendency, the best fishing times are extremely accurate. especially for walleye. Other fish such as brook trout, and lakers, not as noticeable but still present.


I have been testing the excellent hours on this site for over a year...just decided a couple days ago to create a login. Anywho, I have found the excellent times to be spot on for fish activity....this may not mean I'm loading the boat with my targeted fish but certainly the bait and fish activity very aggressive. I agree there are many factors that also play...weather, barometric pressure, incoming water..etc,etc. I fish 5-7 days a week and focus my efforts on excellent peak times of low light hours in feeding locations. Last week I fished a lighted dock, I arrived around 11:00 pm with the peak starting around midnight...first hour was very slow but I was mainly trying to locate the depth at which the fish were located. Once the peak time started, bait was blasting the top with fish chasing big time. I was consistently catching fish every 10 minutes all the way until the end of peak...this may not seem impressive but during the winter, I will take it all day long. I will also add 2 of the crappie were the largest I've caught in 30 years of fishing.


This proved to be incredibly accurate for me. I had no idea this even existed until a few days ago, but I went fishing last night around 1am, curious to see if the info recorded on the solunar chart would actually make a distinct difference. The level of activity both on the 3rd and certainly the 4th of this month was indeed the most promising around the latest am hours. I caught the biggest fish at that point, with the fish being extremely active consistently. I was frankly both surprised it worked so well & happy it was a new tool i can use to determine prime fishing days in relation to moon cycles. Too cool :D

Katie Young

Stick to this calendar. It works for me and I've tried many different ones but nothing comes close to the accuracy of this sites calendar.

Boat Less

I just joined this site this morning but have been using solunar tables for many years. While it is true that weather, pressure, rising or falling water, etc. all make a difference, it has been my experience that the tables are very accurate at predicting periods of greatest activity. All aquatic creatures are affected by the tides, whether in a pond, reservoir, river, or ocean, and the tides are a direct result of solar and lunar phases. Many times, I have seen the fish turn on and off like a light when the peak period begins and ends!


I've been using this site for about a year. I fish for trout in Big Bear lake Ca. These tables have been very accurate for me. Man when it's 5 stars we are out the door!

Matt mcdonald